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ERAED School Based Support

School Based Support

ERA ED provides a range of behavioral health services to support students with developmental disabilities and/or emotional behavioral disorders in addition to their families.

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ERAED Consultation Support

Consultation Support

ERA ED delivers consultation support to schools, classrooms, and student teams.

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ERAED IEP Driven Services

IEP Driven Services

ERA ED can deliver behavioral health services to specific students in order to build their requisite skills and resolve emotional and behavioral challenges necessary for the student to participate in the least restrictive environment, access their curriculum, and demonstrate progress toward IEP goals.

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ERAED Behavioral Services - Consultation

Behavioral Services

ERA ED places a high value on supporting school districts with their internal capacity building endeavors.  Our consultation services provide a means to achieve this.

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ERAED Counseling Services

Psychological Services

ERA ED provides numerous Education-Related Mental Health Services to many schools districts. Counseling and Guidance Services. Parent Counseling and Training. Psychological Services. Assessments (Psychoeducational, Education-Related Mental Health Services). Social Work / Mental Health Consultation. Wraparound Services (WRAP).

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ERA ED’s school-based services are derived from evidenced-based practices such as Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Positive Behavioral Support (PBS), and Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT).

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