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IEP-Driven Services

ERAED IEP Driven Services

IEP-Driven Services

Individualized Education Program

ERA ED can deliver behavioral health services to specific students in order to build their requisite skills and resolve emotional and behavioral challenges necessary for the student to participate in the least restrictive environment, access their curriculum, and demonstrate progress toward IEP goals.

As a supplement to consultation support, the utilization of ERA ED for IEP-driven services provides districts with an immediate response to addressing the needs of individual students.  As part of a capacity building strategy for school districts, ERA ED’s delivery of such services creates an exemplar of effective behavioral health services.  As the students emotional and behavioral challenges are resolved and relevant skills begin to emerge, an emphasis is placed on transferring responsibility for such behavioral health services back to district personnel so the student learns to benefit from the natural supports that exist within their classroom and district team members.

The IEP process is essential for reviewing the progress of such ERA ED delivered behavioral health services and determining how these services are transferred back to school districts.

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